Wellness Business

In response to rising rates of chronic obesity and physical inactivity which often leads to diabetes and cardiovascular disease in particular, not only are employers adopting health promotion and disease prevention strategies and corporate wellness interventions, but individuals are now happy to pay out of their own pocket for spas, a gym, therapy, massage, yoga/Pilates etc. The business challenges for all of these wellness businesses then (both newly formed and mature) is what “mix” of products and services should be offered and at what price (and to make sure that this covers capital and operating costs and make a profit). Primary in this is choosing good locations, paying fairly for these premises and making sure that the service is safe and well-promoted (not to mention that the service experience given matches customer expectations on an ongoing basis).


In recent times, the RX4 Group and its sister companies in The Adaptive Healthcare Network have solved issues and
challenges in this area such as the following:

  • A Yoga/Pilates chain of 5 wants to develop a franchise concept with new/disruptive market offerings.
  • A group of twelve massage parlors are losing money and need to re-finance and evolve a new fiscal strategy.
  • After a whistleblower false claims act case, a large chain of wellness centers CEO perceives the need to transform a persistent culture of finger-pointing into a climate of collaborative problem-solving.
  • A medical spa wants to conduct an operational best-practice review against its major competitors.
  • A national chain of weight-loss centers wants to develop a range of new products, including a monitoring app for smart phones, and in so doing consider new different pricing/subscription payment strategies.
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