Medical Laboratory

Laboratory testing and pathology practices are facing huge changes in terms of general technology and the increasing opportunities presented by the analysis of so-called “big data”. As a result, laboratories of all sizes and types need to standardize, integrate, and innovation, all at the same time. This is not without its challenges though as increasing costs for instruments and reagents, decreasing reimbursement, and shrinking pools of trained employees all call for laboratory directors to find ways to provide new and existing services using fewer resources. Laboratory leaders must consequently challenge all employees to observe, think, and report on ideas for improvements. Creating a culture that allows innovation while supporting and maintaining standardization and integration is the overarching challenge.


In recent times, the RX4 Group and its sister companies in The Adaptive Healthcare Network have solved issues and
challenges in this area such as the following:

  • A laboratory wants to attract more “tech savvy” staff and train them to take advantage of new demands for greater/more sophisticated analytics and big data handling.
  • A laboratory wants to form a countrywide network of collaborative partnerships to better integrate, consolidate and become more efficient across their whole supply-chain.
  • A lab is trying to develop a coherent pricing strategy for direct-to-consumer marketing.
  • A large laboratory does not fully understand its true margins for each of the tests it performs and whether or not it properly recovers overhead given the price.
  • A laboratory wants to move away from its commoditized tests and processes to more value-added predictive analysis, and needs to evolve a strategic path to do this.
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