Home Healthcare Organization

Home health care organizations and agencies face many challenges going forward. These include the enormous pressure of massively increasing demand, with an estimated 17% of the entire US population at 65 or older by 2020. As if this were not enough, other pressing challenges include finding and keeping qualified staff, dealing with ever-changing regulation/classification of home health care agencies, fast changes in technology, and considerable political pressure on almost a week by week basis.


In recent times, the RX4 Group and its sister companies in The Adaptive Healthcare Network have solved issues and
challenges in this area such as the following:

  • Two Home health organizations are looking to merge and find substantial operational savings as a result of the two businesses coming together.
  • A large home healthcare group is looking to employ more RNs who are flexible and innovative in order to increase the breadth of its services they provide.
  • A home health organization wants to add “learning to use the web” to its services and needs to design and efficient and effective way to deliver this in collaboration with several healthcare partner organizations.
  • A large home care group is struggling to recruit and retain good physicians and nurses and needs to evolve a new approach.
  • A home care organization is looking to develop a whole new detailed strategy to take it from a volume-led approach to a value-led approach.
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