Behavioral/Mental Health Organization

Approximately 20% of US adults and 13% of adolescents suffer from mental disorders (including depression) each year and around 9% of Americans aged 12 and older experience substance dependence or abuse each year. And rates of mental health problems are significantly higher for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and heart conditions and failure to treat both physical and mental health conditions results in poorer health outcomes and higher health care costs. Behavioral health clinics are therefore much needed, and increasing as people live longer, but face many business challenges including how to deliver the most appropriate mental health services, getting accurate clinical data, dealing with electronic health records (EHR) and understanding the fast changing “Affordable Care Act” and what needs to be“private pay” versus reimbursable costs.


In recent times, the RX4 Group and its sister companies in The Adaptive Healthcare Network have solved issues and
challenges in this area such as the following:

  • A residential drug rehab center wants to chart a sound course for growth in outpatient services.
  • A new chain of mental health residential centers is trying to develop a pricing strategy for insurance and private out-of-pocket billing.
  • A psychologist, with a thriving professional practice, is looking to develop an intensive outpatient program and to develop mental health and addiction treatment residential options for her client base.
  • A nonprofit, that owns 15 care homes for low-functioning autism clients, wants to re-align the organization’s values and culture and run a series of workshops on the changes for all staff.
  • A large chain of alcohol addiction recovery centers wants to redesign its data collection systems for new patients and be more efficient and effective in background checking and processing terms.
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