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Optimizing Healthcare Business

There are four major “levers” in any healthcare provider business upon which we need to focus, individually and collectively. These are the levers of “Prospects” (who are our customers/ patients?), “Processes” (what are our key operational service tasks?), “People” (do we have the best possible employees?) and “Profits” (are our finances well-controlled?).


“Prospects” is the first area to consider because every healthcare business needs to know where its future prospects and then potential patients are coming from.

There is no guarantee that even a strong customer base that has utilized an organization’s services on a regular basis in the past will continue to do so in the future. In addition, a healthcare provider may be serving the wrong kind of customers/ patients and missing new ones who would be highly profitable. In today’s fast moving and highly competitive economy, continual awareness of customer expectations and their shifting needs is therefore essential. We measure this area in the 5 clusters , each with two sub-categories you see below:

Customer research
The marketing message
Segmentation approaches
Niches/Channels to market
Load generation strategies
Sales pipeline management
Competition review
Partnerships and Alliances
Brand image/reputation management
Web/Media presence/PR

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