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Optimizing Healthcare Business

There are four major “levers” in any healthcare provider business upon which we need to focus, individually and collectively. These are the levers of “Prospects” (who are our customers/ patients?), “Processes” (what are our key operational service tasks?), “People” (do we have the best possible employees?) and “Profits” (are our finances well-controlled?).


“Profit” the final area, determines whether or not a healthcare provider business not only has enough liquid capital to supply the services it provides to its customers but can also earn a profit.

Much of the initial focus in this area, is therefore on such hard issues as the planning and control of investments, revenues, and costs, but a strong focus on the areas of governance and risk management is also necessary for optimization purposes. We measure this area in the 5 clusters , each with two sub-categories you see below:

Investment/sources of funding
Revenue generation
Cash flow management
Cost of sales/Expense control
Pricing and payment
Purchasing strategies
Governance and controls
Asset/operational utilization
Risk management
Our Services Profit
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