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Optimizing Healthcare Business

There are four major “levers” in any healthcare provider business upon which we need to focus, individually and collectively. These are the levers of “Prospects” (who are our customers/ patients?), “Processes” (what are our key operational service tasks?), “People” (do we have the best possible employees?) and “Profits” (are our finances well-controlled?).


“Processes” are the means by which a healthcare provider organization manages its internal operations as a whole so as to deliver the products or services it has promised its customers.

In the modern world, these processes can encompass many internal functions and teams and so require effective coordination at all levels of the organization and even outside it, as external suppliers and other partners to the enterprise can also be part of the overall process. We measure this area in the 5 clusters , each with two sub-categories you see below:

Customer service
Supplier management
System product/service design/delivery
Innovation processes
Quality cycle time efficiency

Our Services Processes
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