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Optimizing Healthcare Business

There are four major “levers” in any healthcare provider business upon which we need to focus, individually and collectively. These are the levers of “Prospects” (who are our customers/ patients?), “Processes” (what are our key operational service tasks?), “People” (do we have the best possible employees?) and “Profits” (are our finances well-controlled?).


“People” are the individuals and teams who work in the healthcare provider business, directly and indirectly, on a part- or full-time basis, to appropriately address the prospect, process, and profit realms so that they perform at their best.

If these individuals and teams are not sufficiently focused and effectively aligned, the healthcare business, no matter how small or large it is, will inevitably operate sub-optimally. We measure this area in the 5 clusters , each with two sub-categories you see below:

Vision and goal-alignment
Leadership and succession
Staff selection (inside and out)
Performance management
Communication / Decision system
Culture and values
Information/knowledge management
Learning systems
Productivity and rewards

Our Services People
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