Join / Collaborate with RX4

As part of its goal to offer the best knowledge and expertise in the realm of management/business consulting to healthcare provider companies, RX4 is building the world’s largest and best quality healthcare business consultant database. In order to apply to be a part of this, please click on the link below and follow the prompts.
Click Here

In simple terms, the process for joining us is as follows:

Complete the basic form here and then attach your resume.

We will contact you by email to set up an appointment to talk.

We will discuss specific areas of knowledge and expertise that are valuable to the healthcare sector and learn more about each other.

Once approved you will be given the opportunity to put up a summary résumé on the RX4 collaboration site and work with us on appropriate projects and to be remunerated for doing so.

You will be able to participate in many RX4 activities and communication channels including our newsletter, blog and live and webinar based events.