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It can be challenging to run a healthcare business, RX4Group is experienced with helping business owners, healthcare board members, as well as doctors and practitioners in learning to market, optimize, and improve their businesses so that they are profitable.

Please enjoy these free eBooks and Whitepapers below.

Cybersecurity in Healthcare: A Bloomberg BNA Article

Bloomberg BNA Health Information Security Article

Healthcare companies are increasingly becoming the targets of hacking and other electronic attacks, in order to access and steal valuable patient information.

In this whitepaper, you will learn the key vulnerabilities healthcare businesses face, and some strategies to avoid them.

20 Challenges Facing US Healthcare

20 challenges whitepaperAs transparency and technology change the US Healthcare System, providers and managers across the country are doing everything they can to keep their practices and facilities running smoothly.

In this whitepaper, we introduce 20 challenges facing healthcare, and encourage you to consider how each of these will apply to your own organization.

Healthcare Business Optimization: Prospects

Learn how to attract new clients and patients to your practice through good marketing and a strong understanding of your value proposition. Download this 86 page eBook by Jon Warner at RX4Group.

Prospects Medical Business eBook

Healthcare Business Optimization: Process

Learn the fundamentals of Healthcare Business Optimization, looking at the processes and organization of your business with the intent to make them more efficient and reduce the room for overhead-increasing errors.

Download this 83 Page eBook by Jon Warner at RX4 Group.

Process Medical Business eBook

Healthcare Business Optimization: People

People Medical Business Book

Without the right people managing your business and caring for your patients, your prospects have no reason to walk back through your doors.

Download this 83 page eBook by Jon Warner.

Healthcare Business Optimization: Profits

Profits Medical Business eBook

Optimizing your business and making it run smoothly is supposed to result in higher profit, right? In this book, learn how to make the most of your healthcare business profits.

Download the 81 page eBook by Jon Warner