Major Business Challenges of Surgery Centers

The Major Business Challenges of Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, or Surgery centers as they are often called for short, are “right sized” for specific outpatient surgery. In general these fast-growing centers are efficient at what they do, they provide a highly quality product (often in a very specific surgical area) and in broad terms provide excellent service to those who rely on them. But not everything in thegarden is rosy, as many of these centers are faced with an array ofbusiness problems and issues that need to be addressed so that they can be fully effective. Although these problems are many and various, the following are the major ones that almost all surgery centers are currently most worried about.

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Major Business Challenges of Hospitals

The Major Business Challenges of Hospitals

Hospitals across the country seem to be constantly battling conflicting priorities. On the medical side, this includes the need to focus on delivering high quality patient care, preventing infections, and ensuring patient safety, for example – all with extremely stretched resources. But there are as many challenges on the business side of things and here are eight that seem to be highly
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Major Challenges of Healthcare Organization Boards

The Major Challenges of Healthcare Organization Boards

Many healthcare provider organizations of all sizes and types have a formal board or advisory governance group of members/trustees. This is especially true if the organization is on the larger side or has significant risk issues to manage. However in this fast-changing healthcare environment, board and trustee chairs and members need to be appropriately selected, operatecohesively as a team and have up-to-date knowledge on what they should be discussing in order to ensure that the organizational mission is on track and the major inherent risks are being properly managed. As a result there are many challenges when not only recruiting a board but then in building the whole board/trustee team into a highly value-adding entity.

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