RX4Good Pro Bono Consulting

RX4-Good is a pro bono, non-profit professional organization that provides management consulting service to both for-profit and nonprofit healthcare organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area. We serve organizations that have a project or need, but limited or no current funding to support it.

Clients are provided with a team of talented and smart graduate students from premium universities in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Team members are either current graduate students or recently graduated professionals.

Teams are led by a project manager or senior consultant who facilitates the team’s objectives and progress. Projects may last from 2-6 months, depending on scope. Every team is trained and mentored by experienced consultants and practice leaders who work at RX4 Group.


How It Works

All qualifying clients receive a broadly experienced and diverse team of professionals who provide consulting on a project at no cost. Quality is assured by providing project training and oversight to consultants from experts and leadership within the RX4 Group.

Our consultants are talented young professionals with the leadership and skill sets necessary to become the next generation of leaders in healthcare. Working on a project provides them with the opportunity to personally and professionally develop, and cultivate a stronger understanding of the challenges healthcare organizations face, ultimately building them into better professionals and future leaders.

Achieving Excellence in Population Health
Healthcare Board Performance/Excellence in Governance
Healthcare Leadership and Teamwork
Managing Healthcare Risk
Patient/Community Communication/Marketing in Healthcare
Customer/Patient Niche/Segment Identification in Healthcare
Excellence in Case management/Minimal Readmissions in Healthcare
Process Efficiency/Effectiveness in Healthcare

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