Peter Rogers

Practice Leader-Financial Performance

What does your role involve at RX4?

All Healthcare providers need to be sustainably profitable in order to keep offering great care to their customers and patients. To do this they must both manage financial and other risks well and to control costs in smart ways. My job is to ensure that healthcare providers understand what it costs to run the business regardless of patient volume; “fixed costs” etc. By understanding the most and least profitable aspects of the organization we can then work out how to best improve profit and cash flow.

What do you bring most to the work that you do?

I have worked in healthcare for 30 years, both in pharma and as CFO of the leading manager of outpatient cancer centers in the US. I understand the balance between striving for clinical excellence and the need to run a profitable business. I have the ability to communicate financial performance throughout the organization, from clinicians and administrators to owners and independent boards of directors.

What is your greatest passion in life?

I love to be active. I play tennis several times a week and hike regularly with my wife in the Santa Monica Mountains. In business my mantra is “work smart.”

What is your favorite movie/TV series and why?

“The Wire” although I had to watch it with subtitles to fully comprehend the dialogue but the series is an amazing morality tale-Dickens for the modern day.