Naresh Menon

Practice Leader-Research and Analysis

What does your role involve at RX4?

We are drowning in a sea of data, especially in healthcare, but what we need, more than ever, is great information upon which we can make the wisest possible decisions. My role at RX4 is to therefore carry out a wide variety of research projects of many different kinds and to analyze disparate data to obtain new insights for clients, many of which involve new technology solutions.

What do you bring most to the work that you do?

I am the inventor of numerous opto-mechanical systems and have extensive expertise in instrumentation. I have also successfully developed numerous holistic biomedical solutions – from sample processing and unique instrumentation to novel data driven theranaustics and telemedicine platforms – with a focus towards product commercialization. In this role I am also the Managing Partner of the firm Chromologic. All of this means that I not only understand what good research on what healthcare customers want and need means, but know how to find solutions (and implement them) it in a range of very practical ways. This is what I do for RX4 group clients.

What is your greatest passion in life?

I love to read about period history, especially biographies. I read to understand the evolution of human thought, social norms and find the roots to some of our political dysfunction. If I am not reading, I am tinkering and experimenting – often with no particular purpose in mind – to understand how complex systems work.

What is your favorite movie/TV series and why?

“The Incredibles” because it to me is about how even super heroes have to first deal with key human relationships before they can use their talents. “The Big Bang Theory” because it is a story about my people.