Lee Schwartz

Practice Leader-Process/Operational efficiency

What does your role involve at RX4?

Most healthcare organizations intellectually buy into the idea that they should be operationally efficient and effective but don’t necessary know how to bring this about in day-to-day terms. My role is to find operational bottlenecks for clients and “uncork/unclog” them so that they can become more productive and can free up precious resources at many levels.

What do you bring most to the work that you do?

With more than 20 years of corporate experience, many spent in senior management positions of CEO & President, I bring a unique perspective to my consulting practice. I’ve sat in your seat. I see your challenges, your issues, not simply through the eyes of an operations expert but through the lens of CEO/ President. I also bring an out-of-the box perspective to my work. So many of the solutions I’ve achieved with my clients arose from getting outside a comfort zone.

What is your greatest passion in life?

I enjoy exercise of all types. Gardening is such a calming hobby. But my greatest passion is my family. I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife of 38 years, two extraordinary sons and the cutest grandson. I live a surreal life. As a life-long jock, I get to vicariously enjoy the careers of my two sons, both NFL football players. It’s been an amazing journey.

What is your favorite movie/TV series and why?

I don’t think I can separate one from the following four movies – Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide, Shawshank Redemption and It’s a Wonderful Life. I watch them over and over again. Why? There are common themes, themes that are important on a personal level but also in a professional environment – fortitude, persistence, teamwork and relationships.