Gina Martin

Director, Administrative Services

What does your role involve at RX4?

I make sure that the whole administrative function within RX4 Group runs as smoothly as possible and that our standards when it comes to writing reports, putting presentations together or billing for work or projects done, for example, are as good, accurate and fair as they can be.

What do you bring most to the work that you do?

I have over 25 years’ executive management experience with professional service firms. I enjoy helping my team develop their areas of strength to improve their own skills and increase their contribution to the organization. I also enjoy the challenge of improving systems and processes to obtain greater efficiencies in the workplace.

What is your greatest passion in life?

I cherish any time I can spend with family and friends. I am passionate about animals and love riding my horses on the local equestrian trails and hanging out with my dogs.

What is your favorite movie/TV series and why?

Masterpiece Theatre on PBS. I love historical series like Downton Abbey and Poldark because they portray a time when life was slower, manners were important and relationships were highly valued.