Dr. Jon Warner


What does your role involve at RX4?

As CEO, I lead a team of consultants with a wide variety of business skills in many different healthcare provider organizations, both large and small. I also lead the firm’s efforts to share healthcare business best-practices through our various communication channels – live,
video-based and written. I get practically involved in projects as much as I can and this means getting out to client locations often and helping them to come up with ideas that will empower them to change, innovate and grow.

What do you bring most to the work that you do?

I have managed large and small organizations (including startups) all over the world, in 5 different countries, and in so doing have always sought to find new and better ways to get from A to B by being a little more creative or by bringing in excellent approaches from other industries that can be applied to healthcare provider organizations of all kinds.

What is your greatest passion in life?

I love to read crime and business books but I also write books on leadership and
organizational development – I now have 40 published books to my name. I also like to travel, both domestically and internationally, where my wife and I love finding great new restaurants and wines to drink and visiting our far-flung grown up children. My work
passion is innovation in all of its forms.

What is your favorite movie/TV series and why?

“Back to the Future” because it was so ahead of its time in showcasing new technology, much of which is real today, and “The West Wing” because the writing/dialogue was so good and I wish my writing could be anywhere near this fabulous.