About Us

RX4 is an LA based but nationally focused management consulting business which offers business support to patient-facing healthcare provider organizations of all sizes and types to help them deal with change, innovate and profitably grow. RX4 is part of the Adaptive Healthcare Network, which has been providing best-practice healthcare advice for over 20 years. We therefore collaborate directly with the Nelson Hardiman law firm
(www.NelsonHardiman.com) and the healthcare and compliance firm Compliagent
(www.compliagent.com) in the same group.


RX4 seeks to become the most trusted and respected resource for healthcare providers when it comes to business optimization, growth, and innovation. Our vision is a healthcare industry that is strengthened by leveraging our highest-level management and leadership expertise and being able to turn business challenges into opportunities, improving care quality in the process.


RX4 delivers innovative, efficient, and effective guidance and solutions to healthcare providers facing many different
business challenges and opportunities.


The core driving values of RX4 are:
• Open-mindedness,
• Innovation at all levels,
• Quality in all processes,
• Service excellence,
• Teamwork and collaboration
• Executing well